Announcing a new Sacramento Region Discussion Forum for Burners!

You’re invited to join a discussion group for conversations, collaboration and connecting with other burners and your regional contacts. The Facebook Group is called The Burn Barrel. Joining is easy - just click and and answer the questions. Once your request to join is approved - you’re all set!

Anyone can join The Burn Barrel by  clicking this link .

Anyone can join The Burn Barrel by clicking this link.

Why did we start another Facebook Group for burners - aren’t there enough already?!
There ARE a lot of Facebook Groups for Burners! The reason the RC team chose to start The Burn Barrel is for a couple reasons. Many of the current groups in existence have a geographical identity: (Davis Burners, Grass Valley/Nevada City Burners, Gold Country Burners, Chico Burners, etc).

The RCs for the Sacramento Region of Burning Man want to be inclusive of the entire region. We know it could be a little confusing that our region bears the name Sacramento - we don’t need to further exclude burners outside the Sacramento area in our communication efforts.
Many of the other FB groups for burners are specifically focused on Sacramento Metro Area (Sacramento Man Burning Events, Sacramento Valley Spark, etc). We wanted to form a group that encouraged all burners in the region to connect and collaborate more often.

The group guidelines say to not post event promotions in the group - why?

There is an excellent group already discussing and promoting events - Sacramento Man Burning Events - and we didn’t want to encourage cross-posting to multiple groups - exposing the same persons to the same content repeatedly. The Burn Barrel will occasionally encourage posts for events, fundraisers etc. Our moderators will announce the day - and may even make it a monthly rhythm that group participants can come to rely on and expect.

Couldn’t the regional contacts just participate organically in any of the other facebook groups already in existence?
They do! And they’ll continue to. But we also share the thought that RCs selected by the Burning Man org might come off as overbearing or unwelcome inserting their voice into groups established by passionate burners in their home communities. The RC team is looking for ways to lead, nurture and respect burners in our region and felt it better to invite people to our living room rather than presumptuously take a seat in theirs.

The Burn Barrel - Sacramento Region Burners
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The Burn Barrel is a group for discussion hosted by the Regional Contacts of Burning Man for the Sacramento Region. Everyone from the wide and divers...

Does this signal some other sort of change going on in the background?
Not at all. Only that our RCs have known for some time our monthly newsletter is only reaching a small portion of the burners in our region. We want to do better at listening, engaging and collaborating with the diverse and passionate burner community we serve.

So is this new group only for the RCs to publish content? Or can anyone jump in?
Not at all. And, YES, anyone can jump in. We're looking to expand the tent and bring many MORE voices in! Our intent is that this might be the only FB group we know of where a region wide conversation could happen about ideas and collaborations. Please bring your ideas, your projects that need help, collaboration opportunities, burning man memes and topics you want to discuss. We started the group - but it’s to serve the needs of the regional community.

Hopefully this answers most of the questions that might have popped up in your head regarding the new forum. We truly hope that this new way to engage will foster an ever growing year round community in the Sacramento Region. If you have any more questions about The Burn Barrel please contact us! We’ll respond ASAP.

Love and Dusty Hugs.